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Important notice

Be sure to be on time.  The bus must leave on time.  If you are late for the bus, you will be required to make your own way to the camp ground as we are on a tight schedule.


Be sure to write your child’s name on every belonging.  We cannot take responsibility for items being misplaced or taken home by other children.  On the final day we will instruct children to check their belongings and find any items that don’t belong to them.  Please familiarize your child with their belongings so they don’t get them confused with any other person’s things.


A water bottle with a strap is important at camp.    Please do not bring a glass water bottle.


Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.  If your child requires one to contact before and after camp, we will look after it until the end of camp.


Japanese summers are hot.  Ensure that your child has enough sleep before camp and is hydrated adequately leading up to camp so to avoid heat stroke and dehydration.
English Only Policy


The purpose of the camp is to improve our communication skills.  For the bilingual course, Japanese is not allowed at any time during the camp unless in special circumstances such as injury or personal problems.   This means that Japanese must not be spoken at any time during camp no matter which activity is being held.  This includes free time, meals, bath time and room time.
Japanese students may say “How do you say <______> in English?”.  Campers who use Japanese will be given a warning however, we reserve the right to take that child out of camp activities temporarily if the problem persists.


English communication is our main goal and as such we encourage all children to use the English they know even if their proficiency may be limited.  During activities we require the children to switch off their Japanese and use English.  We will be more lenient on children in these camps between activities if they use Japanese amongst themselves but will apply appropriate pressure on them to encourage the use of English.




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